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10 November 2014 | News

We thank to all friends, who came to our Halloween party!
It was such a pleasure to see you all!

Together, we have raised 2660 levs! Thank you!



(By the way, Vicky, this year you  were fabulous!)

And now we want to tell you, how we are spending the money. As you know, we are still under the threat of  distemper, so accepting new dogs is not an option. This is why we’ve decided to take in some cats, which wouldn’t survive without our help. Here they are:

The first hero is Matzorani. A small kitten that made a big mistake! He tried to find a warm place and chose wrong – he entered into the engine of a parked car. The driver didn’t notice him on time. Matzorani came with really bad burns on his paws. One of them couldn’t be saved and was amputated.

Dear drivers, please, have in mind that someone like Matzorani might be hiding in your car ! Check, before you start the engine!



Matzorani was operated in Central Vet  Clinic and now is in a foster home.





Annie is a sweetheart. But her sweetness didn’t stop someone to kick her badly. So bad, that she came to us with eventratio (which is torn abdominal wall). She was operated and her life – saved! Now she recovers in a foster home.


And here’s the reason why all our cats are in fosters. Because in our infectious ward, we accepted 8 kittens with calici virus. They are under treatment , let’s hope they will survive.





We are always in a need of foster homes for the cats – a cage is not a good place for a cat, even for a short time. If you want to become one of our heroes and foster a cat – write us at


10 November 2014 | News

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