Shall we dream for a while?

23 October 2014 | Blog

A little bit after the article for Lambi, one of our volunteers, known from “Marta and the crocodiles”, wrote me on Facebook.

We both decided, that we should include you in this conversation. If not for something else, at least to dream together for a while. And…who knows? May we can think of something – two heads think better than one, and what about many more? And, of course, we will use the opportunity to introduse you  some of our old dogs (12+ years old)

10261965_1490960307786091_5486956921418403606_nMarta with some of our old dogs


Marta: I barely manage to write! If I was talking, I would have been screaming with joy…

Nadia: Because of Lambi? And what do you think of the dream house for the old dogs?

Marta: What can I think? Even if we have to build it brick by brick, we should!

Nadia: If we do this… I don’t know how the authorities will react. According the law, in shelters dogs live in kennels, easy to disinfect. Probably they will fine me every time they come for a check…
But I really want it to be a real home for them – a small house with 3-4 small rooms and a garden.

Marta: Oh, my! And a bigger bed for me!

Nadia: Well, I hope to make it attractive for the other volunteers as well – a place they can sit and relax, and the oldies will be happy… Hehe, we can place the only coffee machine there – staff and volunteers will go there often. The oldies will be happy.


Some of the oldies in their enclosure now

 Marta: And better heating, because they feel cold all the time! I will never leave this place! And we should have a small kitchen!

 Nadia: Yes! We can cook for them at least 2-3 times a week. The dry food is tough for them without teeth:)

 Marta: Of course we will cook! Sounds great!

1959506_1490960014452787_2532102574231904164_nThe old Lukoil 

 Nadia: You know we don’t have even one cent for this, right? And before that we should finish the dogs’ building, to make the clinic and the quarantine wards…

Marta: We will collect the money! Nade, how much will this cost? May be Svetlo should make a rough calculation? The old dogs are like religion for me! If this happens, I will be the happiest person! And I don’t care, if someone will mocker us for having curtains there…

Nadia: Haha…We will have curtains there, even if I have to make them with my two left hands!

Marta: Mine two left hands are also there! Well, our curtains will be a bit a la Joan Miro:)

10299081_1490958691119586_1990880760464731881_nLukoil Jr 

Nadia: And they will have soft blankets and electrical blankets for the most delicate ones.

 Marta: For Rizhkooo!


 Nadia: And sheets on the beds – clean and easy to wash, cause you know, some of them wet the bed sometimes… You know, we can place the old dogs in a separate section in the website – for a distant adoption. If you want to “adopt” Grandpa Rick, for example, you send us, let’s say, 10 levs each month and we send you photos and keep you update about him. With the money we can buy them pasta and meat:)

 Marta: But chicken meat! It shouldn’t be greasy!

Nadia: Marta, Martaaaa… we are only dreaming! Do you really think we can see this happen?

 Marta: Of course! These will be the happiest stray old dogs in the world, you will see!

 10334410_1490952937786828_7938283302025590728_nDyakona and Lambi

Hmmm… And what do you think about this, dear friends?

23 October 2014 | Blog

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  1. MDR

    So, could this dream come true? Could you really figure out what would it cost and how long would it take to make it real?

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