The Farm is so quiet that it hurts. No one comes in, no one goes for walks. There is no merrily barking, nor even angrily muttering. Everyone – dogs and people – are sad.

Because of her, the Black visitor. She came unwanted and uninvited and raged in buildings and kennels, froze our and your hearts with worries. She stole something precious from us – the lives of our youngest…

The Policeman is now gone. Daisy, the girl, adopted right before we close the gates after the distemper, is gone.

Because of her, our four-legged friends were left alone. Alone and confused, they didn’t know why the volunteers have abandoned them.

Today is the first day. The first day of hope, that we managed to chase her away. That thanks to your help and the dedication of our vets and keepers, she will close her hungry mouth.

Teddy Number One is officially healthy!

Roxana and Arda are still under treatment, but they are feeling much, much better, as you can see for yourselve!


The Roadrunner, Teddy Number 2, Marco and Labby are under treatment, but on their feet!





Meanwhile Labby even has some more hair.



It is still early to get too excited, but if everything keeps the same way, this weekend we’ll welcome the volunteers (with some restriction about the areas they can come).

Thank you for everything! We’ll keep you informed!





14 October 2014 | Blog

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