A Bulgarian wave in Austria

24 September 2014 | Blog

And again, we have a proof that homeless and breedless doesn’t mean hopeless!

21 unwanted puppies have found their way to Austria and will never again suffer the famous Bulgarian hospitality”.
The lucky ones:

We start with someone really important! Hugo, the last of the Apostles!  Finally this saga has an end, and what’s more – a happy end!



The four fairy heroes – Vasilissa, Karabas, Kashchei and Foxy also will start new lives! We love fairy tales!!!

Karabas BarabasVasilisaKashcheiFoxy




This puppy came with a skin desease, a brand new kennel and a note. In the note it was written “Sorry for abandoning it here, but we found it and don’t know what to do. Please, accept the kennel with her”… In May and now:





Frankly speaking, these are the puppies we can say something for. All the others have one and the same story – litters, taken from their mothers too early and abandoned on the street or somewhere else. It happens so often and unfortunately – so little of them are after that found by good people and saved.

All these little guys are not so little anymore – they are all 5-6 months old. Exactly one step away from stop being puppies and become just a part of the unwanted crowd of adult dogs without breed or something special…







Thank you, dear Sandra Stibi! Thank you, for everything you do for them!

Goodbye, puppies! You already proved how lucky you are, so we are sure the future is bright ahead you!

Now you think it as all, right? But Nooo, you are wrong, good news are not over yet, because this transport brought good luck to someone else, too. 5 sweet kittens from now on will be Austrians!




24 September 2014 | Blog

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