Adoption weekend X2

11 September 2014 | Pets&U News

What is better than an adoption weekend! Two adoption weekends, taking place in only one weekend!
Are you confused?

The explanation follows. Our friends from Pets&U opened a new shop and from now on, every week puppies will wait for their people at the shop near hotel Hemus. On the other hand, kittens will visit the second shop at Neofit Rilski street!

This weekend dog people will be welcomed by real friends:



Cats’ friends can meet our beautiful trio:




This way, adopters! Choose your animal, shoose your shop and be a hero for a friend for life!

Last weekend four sweet puppies went to play for a day or two at Pets&U and two of them found forever homes (the other two can still be seen at the Farm).



You haven’t forgotten that every time you buy the food for your dog 5% of the value comes to feed the hungry ones in the Farm, have you? So, if you already have a pet and cannot take a new one, why don’t visit the shop, play with the puppies or kittens and through the food you buy for your pet, you will help us feed two hundred (and something) dogs!

11 September 2014 | Pets&U News

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