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08 September 2014 | Blog

This is our newest patient. Try a guess – is he homeless, or is he a pet?



We presume you guessed correct – a homeless dog cannot be that miserable. Yes, Jerry is a pet.

He was left in the “Farm”, because “he was sick the last few months”.
When we took the horribly matted fur, the scin was wounded, especially where the collar was.




To be honest, he is not so slim, because of his owners – examinations showed he has canine megaesophagus, the same what baby Zeus has.



After he got the desease (unlike Zeus, who was born with megaesophagus, Jerry got it, otherwise he wouldn’t survive for 8 years without special regime for eating), he started throwing up everything – food or water.
Thank God, we have already read tones of information about it and from minute first with the diagnosis, Jerry eats soft food, standing upright in a Bailey’s chair. If this will be enough for Jerry or is it too late, we still don’t know. We only know we’ll do our best – Jerry deserves it, he is such a wonderful, grateful and sweet old boy.

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08 September 2014 | Blog

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