Do you know for how long we’ve been running a shelter? For 4,5 years now. And if we forget and need to check, we just take a look at the files of Trigger, Joseph or Oscar, because they were from the very first puppies we have taken in. It is so pity these wonderful dogs spent their puppyhood in a shelter, they became wild teenagers and than – adults… Still in the shelter… Say no more! No more cages for them, no more walks only in the weekends! From now on, they are pets! From now on, they will listen English speach and probably will read the yellow press, stalking the Royal family. Yes! They have waited more than enough, but it worths it!
Let us all wave Goodbye to:

Trigger, aged four years and six months. Four years and five months of them spent in our shelter.


Joseph, aged four years and six months. Four years and five months of them spent in our shelter.


And Oscar, aged four years and 5 months. Two weeks on the streets of Sofia, one week in the Municipal pound in Seslavtzi and the rest – in our shelter.


For better future in the country of Shakespeare left also:

Two years ago he was a puppy hit by a car. We healed him and he started waiting…Until now.


A puupy that stopped being a puppy while waiting for adoption for two years.

Di Kaprio

Hit by a car about a year ago.


Same with Brian – hit by a car a year ago:


Fnuchka also waited for a year:


Victoria was found hit by a car this spring. A group of good people took care of her medical issues, but unfortunately she remained blind and they didn’t know what to do. We placed her in a foster home of ours and she grew up a wonderful and selfesteemed dog, who doesn’t seem to care for being blind.


Last, but not least is our crazy Max!
A box with 3 puppies, still blind sucklings, was dumped in front of the Farm. We didn’t know what to do, but they were so lucky! At the same time a nice young couple came for a first time in the Farm, to take a look. Well, they took a look and left with that particular box with the pups included.
6Two of the boys – Stevie and Lucky were later adopted by their fosters. Crazy Max, on the other hand, turned out to be special – he is blind. Blind or not, we must admit he is the happiest and playful puppy ever! Just look at him now! Isn’t he gorgeous?!?
DSCN1385It was really hard for D-r Ilieva to let him go – he was her little baby! But, as we all know – there is no place like home, so she had to stop the tears and send him to his new family.


Good bye, our dearest children! Thank you all for being such great friends! And send us post cards from London!

03 September 2014 | Blog

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    Just to let you know that the bunch we have settled with us fantastic
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    Carla lane animals in need.
    They are such lovely dogs and a real credit to you.

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