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02 September 2014 | Blog

Do you remember the 12 sick with parvovirosys puppies? And the fight for their lives?

This is how they came to us:



The youngest 4 of them didn’t make it…
And what happenned with the others?

Didko and Ruja were happily adopted during their weekend in Pets&U! They are the only 2 adopted in Bulgaria.

Didko even visited us recently with his best friend! Wow! What a big boy he is!

Didko i Sava


Other 5 have emmigrated to Austria. First in July 3 of them decided they’d prefer Vienna than Sofia. They liked it so much there, that they convinced two more to go there in August.





We hope to get better and happier photos from their new homes soon.

And the last hero of this saga is Hugo, who’s growing and playing and… waiting to be adopted.

When Hugo came in the Farm:



And Hugo now:)



Probably he has been waiting most of all, because he is waiting for a very special person, what say you?

02 September 2014 | Blog

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