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25 August 2014 | Adopt a cat

The summer is here and our kitties are already ready to be adopted. They are the cutest, the most adorable and purring precious things that you can bring home. Those of who still have not made up their minds to take a cat as a pet can help us by becoming a foster guardian to any of our kitties and cats. The happiness and the feeling of satisfaction of seeing the happy adopters with the happy animal in their arms are unbelievable. It is worth it to do it. If you want to become a foster guardian to cats or kitties, send us an email at:

Petya and Pipilota are two sisters from the litter we told you about in the beginning of summer. They were found when they were still newborn, tied in a plastic bag near a trash container. 24/7 caring, worrying, love and joy are only a little part of the experiences that foster guardians of such tiny babies go through. Now we can happily announce that their brother Murry is already adopted and it is turn to Pipilota and Petya to find their families.


Petya is the most tender and sweet cat you can imagine. She lives to love .. people, cats, everyone. She is truly adorable and loves cuddling and playing. She is very smart and she can find toys in everything she gets. For example, her favorite toys are bottle caps and mints she finds in bags that she steals from opened bags. Petya is a happy kitty.





Petya (1)Petya


Pipilota is a loving furry ball that always seeks people’s attention. She loves eating and… posing for the camera. She is our little model that is posing every time she sees a camera. She doesn’t like sharing her toys with other cats but she loves playing with her sister. The little one is vaccinates, knows how to use the litter box and she is ready to be adopted and to purr all day long.

Pipilota (2)Pipilota (3)



Yin and Yang are our gorgeous brothers with color of graphite. They were abandoned when they were only 1 month old. Their story is a bit unusual compared to the most popular stories we hear every day. They were thrown over a 2.5 meters long fence. Fortunately the little ones were not hurt and now they 2 months happy kitties living in their foster family. They play, cuddle and enjoy life to the fullest.


The story of the 9 little guys on the pictures below is sad. We believe they come from two litters but we can never be sure by the way they were found. The 9 of them were put in a cartoon box, closed tight with a duck tape in one of the hottest days 2 weeks ago. The “people” that have done that to them probably are the owners of the kitties’ mothers – obviously not neutered. Instead of doing the right thing and neuter their cats, the “people” have put 12 kittens in ONE cartoon box closed with a duck tape. For the three youngest ones it was too late when the rescuers found them. You can only imagine the heat and the struggle for each breath of the kittens closed in the box.

The 9 survivors are cute furry balls – very charming 2 ladies and 7 male kittens. They are looking for adopters, foster homes, god-mothers/fathers and everyone who would like to help for their raising.

1 (3)2 (6)


Съсел - 63 (4)4 (11)5 (5)



3 of them, – Eva, Diva and Victor found a foster home. Eva even has candidates to adopt her. Look at those charming faces and eyes full of love! Don’t you want to give home to any of them?

Diva i Victor 2Diva i Victor

Diva 3Victor




The beautiful Kara was found abandoned with her sister who found home right away. Now this gorgeous beauty is looking for home. She is sweet, playful and amazing little treasure. The pictures show Kara in her first days in the shelter. She is bigger now and completely ready to go home.

Kara (1)Kara (2)Kara

Shadow is our little black panther.  He was rescued from the street, found abandoned with her brother. They were still newborns when their rescuers found them. His brother was already fading when they were found. Shadow however was fighting every day and he is growing stronger and bigger with every day. He is fully vaccinated and ready for adoption. He has huge appetite and huge heart that loves everyone around him – people, cats and kittens.

Shadow (1)Shadow (2)

Dinya and Sluncho are two sisters who were abandoned probably by the owners of their mothers, who didn’t neuter their cats. The little ones were left alone in the street. We are looking for foster home for her and for adopters, of course. Dinya loves people and always tries to draw attention when someone passes by near her.

DSCN1772Dinya (1)

Michael and Lincoln are not babies… They were babies one year ago when their adopters opened their hearts and home for them. However 12 months later there is no place for them anymore. Their adopters are moving out to another apartment and Michael and Lincoln no longer have home. They are gorgeous, fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. If you are looking for calmer cats that are no that active and naughty as babies are, those are the boys for you.

LincolnMIchael 2




25 August 2014 | Adopt a cat

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