It was a huge surprise for all of us! Once of a sudden, we saw in our bank account 1100 swiss franks. The names of the senders were not known, but the amount was so big that we couldn’t leave things like that – we needed to say “Thank you”!

And here’s what we understood:

A wonderful couple from the distant Switzerland understood somehow for our efforts to help the stray dogs and decided to help. They both had birthdays recently and asked their friends to give them not gifts, but money. And since they adore their pet Ice and cannot imagine how the dogs without the same luck live, they decided to send the whole amount to us!

Thank you, Rachwel and Jork Walti!
Ice, we thank you as well, because you were the one to show your owners how much the dog love cost!


Because of Ice, for all the Farm dogs!



20 August 2014 | Blog

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  1. Rossi

    Thank you Rachwel and Jork!

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