Two happy beginnings!

21 August 2014 | Blog

Every adoption is a small holiday for us, but when the dog has sufferred a lot, before his arrival at the Farm, the holiday is huuuge!

Well, this is the case now, when Achilles and Shushi went home!

Maria Konstantinova decided she will be the best owner for Achilles and we agreed with her! The next month he will swim in the sea with his new owner and then, when they come back in Sofia will become an apartment dog. Dear Maria, everyone can see Achilles is happy to have you, but we are 100% sure that you will be extremely happy to have him, too.



Shushi came to us in the Farm from Chelopechene. It was the only choice for her, because she had a scin disease and, as you probably know, people are not friendly to bald dogs. She was cured (thank you, D-r Hristov) and yesterday went home with Julii Ivanov! All the best, Shushi…or we should say “Sara”!




21 August 2014 | Blog

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