Mercedes, Turbo and Diesel

13 August 2014 | Blog

This story is written by one and the same person, but it feels like  they were two different guys. Only 4 years has past, but  Nadia from 2010 had just have found her first abandoned newborns. Nadia from 2014 doesn’t count the puppies that passed through her home and through the shelters – Bogrov and The Farm. She only knows they are thousands. And the reason for this change, between these two ladies, are exactly these 3 puppies. This is from where everything has started. 

April 7, 2010
In theory, newborn puppies have so little chance to survive without a mother, that it doesn’t worth even to turn in the direction of the screams.
In theory, if you still want to be humane, the best would be to euthanize the herded babies.
In theory, you should not be wasting resources – human and financial – for doomed cause.
In practice, however, it proved impossible to miss it. And even if you do, excusing yourselve with the two 30 kg dogs  you are walking at the moment, yet – later you come back. And bring a suitable box with you.
In practice, once you take them, you warm, feed and pee them, you can not take them for euthanasia.
In practice, you know that even if they die, it should be because you have not tried to help.
I am a person theorist, not practical.
But in practice, I have three newborn puppies into the bedroom and wait to become midnight to feed them again.
They are wonderful – two are like hot chocolate and one -milk with cocoa. Two boys – Turbo Diesel – and one girl -Mercedes. I’ll make them some photos tommorow, if any of them is still alive.

They all survived. 4 months later, we said “Goodbye”, when the three left to Holland for adoption.
Jente (ex-Mercedes) is agillity and obedience champion of Holland for the last couple of years.
Diesel is “the most wonderful dog I have ever seen in my life”, said his owner Ellen.
10596193_10204606230139997_979187073_n (1)
The three of them meet often:
And the moral of this story is – it doesn’t matter how small the chances are. It worth it. The only danger is, that it changes your whole life. For good!

13 August 2014 | Blog

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  1. Ellen

    It’s a pitty I can’t read Bulgarian, to understand what is said…… 😀

  2. tom

    It isn’t perfect, but you’ll get the idea.

  3. Ellen

    Thanks, it works!

  4. Nina and Jente

    Thank you for being the Nadia from 2010!!
    We are so very happy with Jente and we never forget what you did for those three little brown puppies.
    And we hope you never change!
    Love from us and a very big hug from Jente.

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