We are so happy to inform you that some of our dogs are now in their new homes!
Here are the lucky ones:
The puppy Dark stole the hearts of Nicol Geleva and Gary Bozarov. Dark is one of a litter from 4 puppies and is the second to be adopted. We wish him a happy and long life with his people!


These three sweet sisters didn’t have luck during their adoption weekend in Pets&U and came back to us. It seems there was a reason for this – they probably wanted to learn English, not Bulgarian. Mila, Kara and Daisy are now happy in the country of Shakespeare!




And the next one, ladies and gentlemen is…. Chicco! Everyone who has been in Bogrov or the Farm know Chicco – he spent with us 4 years! We are so happy to inform you, that he finally left for good! Chicco will live with Ivan Betrev and will have his own yard and home!


The unlucky ones

Of course, good things and bad things usually walk together.
Ethan was adopted from us in 2010 as a happy puppy. Four years later he came back to us. The reason? “We don’t want him any more”…


Ricky was adopted in the winter from Bogrov shelter and came back to us now, due to personal reasons (not his fault). Ricky suffers a lot for his home and family, we do hope that he will find his forever home soon…

Do you remember the sweet puppy Paspartu? Well, he is here again. His ex-owners don’t want such an energetic dog! We are afraid we weren’t very polite with them, but they were informed puppies and young dogs are energetic. Poor Pass, he has never been in the shelter – as a puppy he lived in a foster home. His ex-fosters cannot take him, because they are now fostering four other pups.


We wish them all the best and fast forever adoption!


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