Our long-legged stork

31 July 2014 | Blog

Today we want to introduce you Stork – a young and proud gentleman who walks around all day long in the yard of his foster – our Kremena. Beside  he showed us he can deal with dogs, by pecking one of Kremena’s dogs on the head, we decided it would be better for him to stay in a foster home, than to place him in the Farm with 200 barking  neighbors.


Stork has hatched this year and his pathetic first attempts to fly led to an injury of one of his wings – his feathers are cut and he is unable to fly. We prefer to think that he experienced some kind of an accident and not – that someone has cut his feathers, as it seems at first sight.


For our surprise, Stork is not sad at all – he eats with a huge appetite (although he refuses to eat anything but fish) and acts like the master of the universe.

We hope that the recovery of his feathers will happen on time so that Stork could fly south in the autumn. Otherwise he will have to spend the winter not under the bright sun of Africa, but near the heating…


P.S. We do not understand much of birds and we thank to Lyubomila from “Wild Animals”, for helping and advising us every time we have a case like this.

31 July 2014 | Blog

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