A tale under the briery

29 July 2014 | Blog

Once upon a time, there were four little little pups – two brothers and two sisters. One day, an evil wizard took them away from their dearest mother, and they found themselves all alone in a deserted forest. The brothers and the sisters wandered hungry and scared a few days and then decided to separate, to seek their fortune.

Kashchey The Immortal saw a light in the forest and went left.

Carabas Barabas heard a noise and went right.

Vasilisa The Beautiful was afraid to stay alone and ran after her bigger brother Carabas.

Only the Tiny Foxy was asleep and did not understand anything. Sissy Fox stayed in the forest, and when she woke up and saw she was alone, she wept bitterly.

Kashchey walked towards the light, but soon he saw it wasn’t a house, but a scary beast! The beast was roaring creepy – his teeth were made of iron; his paws – huge wheels, his eyes – big and glowing in the darkness!  Inside his belly there were two humans, struggling to get out! Kashchey barked, determined to save the humans, and the beast silenced of fear. Rescued humans went out from the belly of the beast, and were so grateful, that they took Kashchey in their arms and went home together. Kashchey ate, got warm and fell asleep.



Carabas Barabas and Vasilisa The Beautiful were walking and walking. The night fell and they were still walking. The sun rised and they continued walking. On the second night they met a human. The man was surprised to see such tiny puppies in the woods, grabbed them in his bag and said:

“Tiny doggies, I know who will love you, and feed you! I know who will help you.”

In the very next moment Carabas and Vasilisa were in a warm home. There were plenty of food, warmth and embrace for them. And how happy they were, when they saw their brother Kashchey was already waiting for them in this home!

Vasilisa and Carabas Barabas

The three pups stayed with the humans – the days turned into weeks, the weeks – into a month. While they were playing with the humans and their dogs, while they were eating nice food and were cuddled, the three tiny pups grew up fast…


Tiny Foxy had no one to play with in the woods. She wasn’t eating delicious dishes. She  wasn’t cuddling with humans. She had no adult dogs for friends to teach her. All alone, Tiny Foxy wandered in the woods, hungry and sad. She drank water from puddles and searched for food in the garbage. She wasn’t growing up, but stayed tiny and thin. When she used to see people – she was hiding because they were beating her and kicking her. When she used to see dogs – she was running, because they were biting and chasing her.


But one day Tiny Foxy met a man with a dog. She didn’t know if she should hide or run, so she stayed and decided to bite them. But the dog was big and wasn’t afraid. But the man was used to growling and didn’t ran away. He grabbed Tiny Foxy in his hands and although she tried to bite him, he did not let her, but took her far and away.

There he put Tiny Foxy on the ground and she tried to escape!

– Tiny Foxy, do not run! – She heard the voice of her brother Kashchey – There is food and water here!

– Tiny Foxy, do not run!  – She heard the voice of her brother Carabas – There is love and warmth here!

– Tiny Foxy, do not run! – She heard the voice of her sister Vasilisa – Our people will find us forever homes!

So, Tiny Foxy stayed with her brothers and sister and she lived peacefully and happily. And although she was smaller than the others, she was even more grateful, since her troubles in the past were bigger.



The happy ending for the tiny pups is yet to come. One day brave princes and princesses will choose Kashchey, Carabas, Vasilisa and Tiny Foxy for their best friends, for their loyal knights. And each of them will have his own human, his own home and his own bowl. But this will not be the end of the story – this will be the beginning!


29 July 2014 | Blog

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