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You may have noticed that lately we write less, but the cream of this – dumber. No, we have not disappeared, nor have we stopped activity. Neither our brains softened by the heat. Dogs bark, farm goes (literally, not figuratively), and the only change is actually good – our precious Stella, author and host of the website and in charge of a whole bunch of other quests, after four years without a break, finally decided to rest .

No, she didn’t quit and, thank God, she is not sick. But, for your unpleasant surprise, until she charges her batteries, you will have to receive information from far more inarticulate and alas, more talkative in vain, pen – mine.

So, what’s happening to us? After the strong start, due to financial reasons, we had to stop the constructions for a while. And just when we got depressed and we could see before our eyes titles like “AR Sofia fails, sells the Farm, sends back donations”, miraculous news came from distant Britain – Mr. Dennis Smith, who has helped us before,  both through 60K and the loan which he gave us at the beginning of the reconstructions, made a donation! With this money we continued to put concrete, to make bars and to plaster the walls in the dogs-home-to-be.

There are still some question marks on the future, but at least we did not lose too much of the precious summer.

Dear Dennis, may God grant you the happiness that you granted to us and our hundreds of present and thousands of future unwanted souls!

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Meanwhile, after the mild winter, which saved our dogs from the cold, appeared the nasty summer we hoped for and that keeps them from overheating. Our poor for-legged friends went through a lot, while they are waiting for their rooms.

It is good they are such good fellows and not only did not complain, but are still smiling and wagging their tails. Some of them went abroad, others were adopted here, but most of them are still waiting. And all this waits the day we’ll systemize the pictures and the information and tell you about it – you, our donors, volunteers and supporters.

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Some of the happy immigrants

Of course, we do not accept new cases, but there are always some dogs so miserable and unfortunate that we cannot refuse. Just a few days ago we got the blind baby Mad Max, and now he took that foot dragging – and now we have a new blind baby as a “gift”… In both cases, the puppies are lucky to have future foster homes waiting. We will tell you in detail about Max and the new boy (which still has no name) soon.

Any ideas for a name?

Mad Max 10402429_10203613722957313_1300967159143662431_n

Buzanka is fine – thanks to your help, Dr. Zlatinov made her a corrective osteotomy of the two legs. Kisses and thanks her: 


Hmmm … I guess I’ll have to write a second part, it became too long, and we have so much more to tell you!

Warm regards from all of us in the farm, Nadia

28 July 2014 | The Farm Newsflash

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