Ringo went home!

10 July 2014 | Blog

Ringo – a really wonderful name for a dog, especially one that is so kind and joyful, who feels everything in life is “Lah, di, dah!” Congrats to the tiny sweetheart, he was adopted by Yana Masholova and her partner.


Ringo is one of 5 puppies, dumped by an unknown “benefactor” on the side of a very busy crossing in the Sofia city center. They were lucky to quickly come to us, it was a matter of hours, before they began crawling around and getting hit by cars. The situation at the shelter was very difficult at that time, we had many ill puppies, but these – we managed to keep safe. A couple went to fosters, the rest were kept safe with immunity boosters and good food.

We still have 4 identical (carbon copies!) sisters of this little guy. Ringo is the only boy in the litter, a true champion (platinum, not gold) in the eating discipline – first by the food bawl, first to whipe it clean. We wish you loads of love and happiness, you sunny beatle!

10 July 2014 | Blog

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