A lovely microscopic litter arrived with us about a month ago – mini-babies, as sweet as honey, who will probably never grow larger than a couple of kilos. The tiny brave hearts lived with puppies who are three times their size and became the fun-loving happy-go-lucky kind of dogs we like so much! And now all of them have went home to their new families:


Penka Milanova and Yonko Tomov will be walking proudly next to sweet Roxie. She will be living in a Sofia apartment and has promised us to be very, very obedient.


Ralitza Harshtanova and her boyfriend adopted Penny – she too will stay in Sofia. The young couple came to the shelter to find the most lovable and fun dog. They found it!


Svetla Tzvetkova’s large family grew by one more member – they adopted sweet little Daisy! She is in for a life of cuddles and games – never to be lonely or bored.

Farewell, dearest mice, we know you’ll be very happy!

09 July 2014 | Blog

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