All stories begin with “Once upon a time…” But our story is different. We write it every day. Every hour each of us adds new lines in their hearts. So that there are no “abandoned dogs once upon a time”, we will play a story in the middle of the Farm’s construction grounds on July 12 (Saturday) from 16.30!

We will play a tale so we can make a home for those who never had one!
We will play a tale of friendship, of support and of pain shared in love.
We will play a tale for the four-legged kids at Animal Rescue Sofia!
We will play a tale together with the dogs, so they know they have us and we love them!
We will play a tale about love!

I hope to see you all – friends – new and old, friends who still carry the child within. And their kids too! It will be colorful, it will be theatrical, it will be a puppet-show. And it will be real!!!

I want to thank Children’s Film Studio and their art director Tzvety Lozanova for her support. She will bring the magic of puppet theatre to the Farm and make this Saturday a special one. The Children’s Film Studio will stage their “Pay It Forward” so there is a Tomorrow for our poor, silent friends in need.

See you there!!! The dogs will be waiting! And not just them! The Farm is also home to many cats and kittens, Lilly and Naomi the piglets, Marcho the baby sheep and Tzonka, the goat who says “Neeee” – all great friends of the kids!

Kindest regards,
(volunteer and organizer of this adventure)

08 July 2014 | News

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