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There is a little delay in the journey as we are “sharing” a driver with colleagues and there were some other trips planned ahead, but the trip is on – we should be able to give you the happy news on July 10-11!

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Your generosity and kindness will provide a certain and happy future to these 21 little angels the very next week! Bless you all!!!

thank you

Dear friends of the dogs,
we turn to you with a great plea on behalf of 21 homeless babies. All of them – without exceptions, were born in the yards of our neighbors and then dumped to make it on their own – suffering hunger, illness and injuries on the streets of Sofia.

So far the babies were lucky – they found shelter, care and love at the Farm. They survived sickness and the riskiest times before we managed to vaccinate them all, they learned to cope in our currently difficult environment, turning into cheerful, smart, loving babies full of hopes for a bright future.

And the bright future didn’t leave them wanting. Our kind colleagues in Holland have found options for foster and permanent homes for each and every one of them. Every puppy in this colorful bunch has the chance to go from an unwanted Bulgarian to a beloved little Duchling. That is if we manage to find the money, needed to send them safely and soundly to their new homeland. And that is money that we don’t have.

Here they are. Please, take a good look at them, dear friends. And please, also picture how they will look when they grow a little more, just a couple more months and you will know why we turn to you with this desperate appeal:

male3-01.03.2014 male2-02.2014 male2-01.03.2014 male1-02.2014 male1-01.03.2014 male-01.2014 female4-02.2014

To put it straight – if these sweethearts remain here a little longer they will inevitably lose their chance of happiness and become part of the big group of unwanted grown-up “mutts” of our shelter. They will grow up in a cage, they will be lonely and bored, they will dream the same hopeless dreams of loving families.

We say this from experience: as every summer before this one – donations for the shelter have shrunk under the sanitary minimum, leaving us fighting for survival and expecting in horror the hungriest of months – dreadful August. We have lived through such 3 nightmarish summers in Bogrov, filling the gaps however we could, leaving the life-saving transports abroad for “when there is an opportunity”.

And each of those summer the heaviest of prices was paid by the smallest of all – our brown&black babies who only have a chance to go home when they are sweet and little. If they become 4-5 months old without finding homes they go from “prospective babies” to “younglings with little chance” and then it’s the “invisible adults” group. Because they do not only become unwanted here, but abroad too. Finding homes for them becomes a nearly impossible task, and that is sadly proven every single day by the many dogs with wonderful temperaments, but plane looks in our shelter.

Dragon-male - 01.2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA male3-02.2014
female2-28.02.2014 female2-02.2014 female2-01.03.2014 female1-28.02.2014 female1-02.2014

This year Animal Rescue Sofia faces a horrible trial. After the huge effort we all made so that we can buy this place under the sun for the homeless dogs of Sofia, we are now faced with: The Reconstruction. We will not burden you with words how difficult it is to find the means to carry it through – once we had achieved the huge goal we somehow lost the moral right to ask for more help so we can turn this place into the comfortable home of the homeless animals it will be. We know each and every one of us gave all they could… We are looking for money through organizations, through friends who know each penny goes to the dogs, but it is hard, more than hard.

All we had, all we could give or sell and put into the reconstructions is gone. Currently we have put a stop to the construction works at the Farm due to lack of funds. We are hitting endless walls with the hope that our heads are harder than the obstacles and sooner or later we will push through. Like we have always managed to do so far, no matter how hard it was.

female1-01.03.2014 Dana`s sister 2 -02.2014
male4-02.2014 Dana`s sister 1-02.2014 female5-02.2014 female3-02.2014

In principle – we shouldn’t have taken on any new animals in the current state we’re in – we should be refusing case after case saying “we can’t, we don’t have the money, we don’t have the conditions, and we cannot help you”. But in practice it’s another thing. Whether we’re adventurists, soft hearts, desperate dreamers or simply crazy dog people – you decide, we cannot. But we are where we are because from its founding till today ARSofia has followed one simple principle “we are where the dogs are”. That’s what we think – that’s what we do. We didn’t say “no” to these 21 babies. And now we are faced with a criminal decision: to leave the little bunch of hopes and dreams without a future, simply because there is no money.

The price for a transport to Holland is 1200E. After we paid up for the construction works so far and stopped them, after we provided the food, medications and care for the shelter this month, we are so broke that there is no chance to go any further. Friend of some of the puppies have managed to raise 350E for transport. But 850E are still lacking and simply non-existent. Yes, it is a lot of money. 40E per puppy. Calculated into the thousands of kilometers they will travel it is a reasonable sum – private transporters charge no less than 150E to this destination for each animal, not to mention air transport prices.

Simply put – the future of these 21 babies costs 40 Euro a piece. We cannot provide it for them, although we know each and every one of them will “eat up” this same sum in the 3 months ahead if they stay. We just don’t have it. We beg you for help – although it’s hard, it’s not impossible to raise this amount and send the babies on the road to their adopters.

Please help kind people, help them if you can and by however little you can. There are many of us – the friends of dogs – if each of us gives just a little – there will be love and happiness for another 21 lost, innocent souls. If not – they will have to remain here, with a future unknown, surrounded by cage-bars and loneliness.

01 help ENG

If you decide to donate for the baby’s road to happiness, please CLICK HERE – you could donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

On behalf of the little heroes who have no one to count on but you, we thank every donor with all our hearts!

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