Nando II went home!

23 June 2014 | Blog

A very kind, but badly suffered in his life, peanut was treated in his little cage in a dusty corner of the flushed-out future clinic building this last month. He was so quiet, shy and problem-free that even if you have come – you’ve probably not noticed him, he is a modest fellow.

нандо 23 нандо 2

We called him Nando II – because he is a clone – both physically and mentally – of a little hero, Nando, a guy we rescued, treated and rehomed happily with his kind owner Dory 4 long years ago. It was a lucky name for him! Just like the first, the second Nando found a really lovely family – he was adopted by Silvia Zheleva, mother of two children who will never leave Nandino wanting for games and hugs, which is a sure thing! Farewell, dearest!!!

23 June 2014 | Blog

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