This is a lovely letter we received from Anna Raycheva who adopted Izzy the pitbull from Bogrov a year ago, shortly after we had picked her up from Gorna Banya district with a fallen-out uterus after a sloppy surgery at Seslavtzi.

Dear adopters, if you would like to share your experience with your adopted best friend – through good and bad – we would be happy to receive it at office [at]


Dear people of Animal Rescue Sofia, it’s been a while since I’ve decided to sit down and write a thank-you letter in which to tell you all about Izzy. It turned out that it’s very hard to put in writing all my thoughts about this special creature. Living with Isadora Duncan is a happy living. Her cheerful and enthusiastic character makes it possible to take her everywhere, because everything is interesting to her. Besides, Izzy has the ability (and desire) to make friends with every single person she meets. When out walking Izzy has her own social life, from the very first month I’ve had her there were people who’d recognize and call her name when we’re out in the park – she greets and “talks” to them and we move on. And that has nothing to do with me! When I’m scolding her outside people tend to look at me as if I’m some kind of monster that doesn’t deserve to have such a wonderful friend. Not that Izzy is obedient, not that she doesn’t jump, push or pull the pitbull way… Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, Izzy is a horrible pitbull.


So, we have many events every day whilst walking.  Izzy will push someone whilst chasing a squirrel and then that someone would shyly apologize to me, as he was the one to bump into her. Izzy would splat mud all over somebody’s white t-shirt and he will stroke her gently long after the vent and then tell her with a soft voice “My darling, is that a way to put mud all over people’s white t-shirts?” Spooky criminal types around the all-night liquor store would squeal “Sunshine!” and other stuff you cannot make out when they see her. Grannies call her “little chicklet” and spend long minutes drooling all over her… In other words it is a curious thing to observe – Isadora Duncan’s social life. Her fan-club grows every day, members keep flocking.


Also, I should mention Izzy is the biggest pacifist I know. She really hates all forms of aggression and scrams immediately if anyone even growls at her.

When we’re not outside Izzy loves to sleep on her fluff-bag in all sorts of strange positions:


From time to time she wakes up and tries to think of games that could entice me to play with her. She will put out a very meaningful demonstration of how fun it is to throw your rope around, and isn’t it best if we would pull it on both sides together? No? How about this ball? Look how it bounces and rolls! Aaaah, I knew you’d like that! Now try to catch me and take it away!

It’s hard for me to be Izzy’s strict obedience trainer. First, she has her way with me – I cannot resist her funny faces and glances. As a pitbull – she has such an expressive face – she has cheeks, brows, a wrinkled forehead, funny ears and eyes like a human. Second, the things she does are so interesting to observe that I makes no sense at all to scold her. For instance, let’s take her mischief (before I took her I was prepared for a big war on big mischief having in mind what someone with such a big mouth can do):


So, that’s that, dear friends. Thank you for introducing us!



22 June 2014 | Blog

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