“A parade of the lucky dogs” is what Trud daily called the great march to PETS&U on 08.06 and they were right. We thank all the adopters who came to support the wonderful initiative on 08.06! It has been long since we have seen Kremy so happy – weekend after weekend she is the person to meet and greet adopters of our beloved babies at the store, now getting the opportunity to meet them all together.

Besides the pure joy of meeting everyone together at the march there are many benefits from this event – people who aren’t involved in our line of work learned about the Adoption weekends and three tiny babies got new names from famous God-fathers (well, mothers) – Milena Slavova, Nicole Stanculova and our great friend Leo Bianchi.

With all the difficulties and tasks of the reconstructions and living in the filed with the dogs while it’s all done it has been long, long since we’ve met on a happy occasion all together. Many thanks to PETS&U, or as we call them “our place in the city”, who give us this amazing opportunity and – hats off – fight as hard as we do so that the sad little doggies will get their chance to go home.

And let’s hope the next time we meet there will be even more of us! Amen.

09 June 2014 | News, Pets&U News

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  1. Pare

    Oh, no, I love it! I was endorsing your whole post. I think the ponstig frequency is a good thing. There are a couple of reasons (at least) why people might hesitate to post frequently: (1) Concern about pushing down the previous posts, and (2) Concern about appearing to post too much. I’m glad neither of these has held us back, so far.

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