Hail Mary! Our first transport in a very long time has brought a group of doggies that have waited long to find love to their new motherland – Germany. Most of them you are familiar with – here they are:


Zhelyavski – he came from the villas at Zhelyava village, such a calm, good dog. At one time at the old shelter we were wandering if he had some form of depression, but he didn’t, he’s just such a calm, sweet guy who doesn’t want to intrude. His adopters will surely hit the Jackpot!


Fazan (or Whiney as the volunteers call him for obvious reasons) is a guy who will talk and moan all the way through a walk until you finally give in and hug him. He has been with us for over 2 years, brought by the municipal catchers of Ecobalance as a frightened youngster. He is no longer that scared dog – we managed to totally spoil him.


Dobrin came to us as a mistrustful little baby. Until today he has a hard time being around some people he doesn’t like, but with the ones he does – he is a totally different dog. He will push your hands for a stroke, give a paw, and lay on his back for a belly rub…. Just one of those dogs you must win over and that’s why he has waited all this time, the poor fellow. He was lucky to get this chance and we are sure he will use it wisely!


Sarah – the exceptional Sarah, an amazing, kind dog we all love dearly. Her big “faults” were her large size and age of 6-7 years. She came with 2 babies from Eleshnitza village – their owner could no longer care for them, he was very old. The boys have long since gone home. Misho – to the same shelter where Sarah went, Murphy – adopted by a great family here in Bulgaria. We are very, very, very happy that this kind soul will finally be given someone to love! Good luck, Sarah!


Audrey and her dear sister Aqua. FOUR YEARS, they were with us for 4 years, ever since they were two tiny dumped little babies. Perfect dogs – but… black. Vessy has shown them to adopters countless times, saying “these two here are absolutely perfect”, but… tough luck for black dogs. Thank you lord, that these two will finally get the love they so deserve.


Tazka is a girl you have given her health after she had a close encounter with an automobile. Only that happened back in the late 2011 and if it weren’t for her black color this lady would have found a home over a 100 times, such an angel. But – no, no one ever noticed her or gave her a second glance. Dogs that look like her aren’t desired, however social and kind they are.


And Dark! The same Dark who came to us with a heavy gastroenteritis after having spent all his life chained in a hen-house, fed small chicken bones that had stuck in his intestines. He will now have a bed of his own and never again remember the hard time he had fighting for his life at the shelter. Good luck, bear!

Elephant and Gerda are two young dogs that the municipal catchers of Ecobalance brought to us ill with distemper – they were a group of 6 ill dogs. Thanks to you we managed to treat them and save almost the entire group. And Elephant and Gerda were lucky to be fostered until the time for departure finally came! From being in the hands of Ecobalance with distemper, to health and a foster home, then Germany… these two ladies were born lucky, no doubt.


Zoey is the Bulgarian shepherd dog that we didn’t manage to rehome at the adoption weekend at PETS&U (shockingly enough). She is such a sunshine, that she immediately found a way to Germany. We thought we’d manage to rehome her here for sure, but… her luck led her away from her homeland. Stay safe and happy, little bear!


Rita, just like Elephant and Gerda was fostered by a wonderful family, until recently before her departure. A very good doggy, very well looked after, sadly her fosters couldn’t keep her, no matter how much they wanted to. She is about 10 months old and will be one of the first to go home after the group is released from quarantine.


Verona, dear Verona has been with us for over 2 years. She lived in the outside enclosures and could be a true rival for Buck (still with us) for the highest jumper in the shelter. A lovely and spoiled little lady, no one noticed her for quite a while, now she will be able to beg for love and snacks all she wants.


“The black female” never got a name for herself, the poor thing. She was a one and only abandoned puppy we got in a box, very playful and loud – she would meet everyone at her cage with a mighty bark, completely unsuitable to her modest 15-kilo persona. Thank god black dogs are welcomed in Germany, go jump, go play, go enjoy life, you little black lady!


Another lady without a name, known as The Black&Brown Sister Of Anton And Tochitza, the second female in the abandoned litter we took in as terrified and non-social babies a while ago. With the hard work and efforts of everyone – personnel, volunteers and especially the Senior Volunteers at the shelter, this litter of wildlings turned into a sweet, social bunch. We still have 2 brothers with us, hope that they will get lucky soon too.


Mama, another very lovable neighborhood dog. She was fostered after Ecobalance picked her up on a complaint. Perhaps someone was frightened by her size, because even the worst of villains couldn’t be so mean as to claim she was aggressive. Her name is “mama” not because she was picked up with her puppies, but because she would “adopt” any abandoned puppy in the neighborhood. She has the heart of the kindest mommy. We wish you all the love in the world, dearest.


Darcey is a 10-year old sweetheart someone had dumped infront of the shelter 2 long years ago. Quiet, calm, the very last in the hierarchy wherever we put her, perhaps she is the dog we are most happy about in this group of travelers. She has deserved to be happy hundreds of times over, but – better late than never, she will get the love she deserves after all.

Farewell, dearest, hope you bring all our other dogs luck, so we can send them along to happy homes abroad, despite the insane new traveling rules that were instituted in Germany, making it so very hard for our babies to find their loving new families abroad.

18 June 2014 | The Farm Newsflash

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