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17 June 2014 | Blog

So many orthopedic cases last month! Thanks to you many good animals got their golden chance – to be operated in the best possible conditions by one of the best surgeons in the country – d-r Zlatinov. Almost without exceptions they were all very difficult cases and for some of the heroes – the saga continues. No surrender, of course, here is what’s been going on after a few weeks of recovery:


Dharma is recovering after her hip joint resection. She now lives with Max who became her best friend immediately – they are such fun dogs! Thank God, no drama with Dharma, all is going fine.


Ticky’s leg has been amputated successfully and she is already with her new family. For now they have her with a foster contract as she is not completely ready, but we will take some photos of them together the next time they come to the shelter – what a lovely site to see, she is very happy. On this photo she is just out of her amputation surgery at the Central Vet Clinic.


Ivo – Max’s sweet brother will have to go to the CVC again tomorrow, no worries, just a follow-up to see how he is doing after such a complicated surgery. He is recovering at home, with us, jolly and playful as usual, but quite bored with his no-walks routine, Ivo cannot wait to run again, neither can we. His surgery, as you know, is for a torn knee and he has to stay in “jail” quite some time to have everything heal properly.

Sadly, Algia is at the CVC now, with some post-surgery problems. Because she is so huge and heavy one of the metal strings holding the whole thing together has ripped and has to be fixed. She is brave and thankful, the good girl, but because she is at the clinic – we don’t have a photo of her for you.


Peter Pan is well after his control visit with the doctor, so just a few more weeks and he goes into the “healthy” file. He is keeping company with granddad Rick (yeap! Alive and kicking!) because he needs to be calm and not run or jump. The two don’t mind the company – they are both such good guys.


And again – problems for Churchill – this guy definitely has a style… The surgery itself was good and there are no mistakes with the orthopedics. But – the guy got a post-surgery infection just before all his last implants were removed, so he is on an antibiotic treatment. His trip to England will have to wait again, but – what can we do, he must really like it with us…


Finally – puppy Daena, as you know – she found generous sponsors and didn’t go through surgery. Instead she is on a physiotherapy treatment with a special machine and massages, we will know if that was enough by the end of the month. Keep your fingers crossed!

17 June 2014 | Blog

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