Tiny Jesse is an abandoned maybepincher, about a year and a half old. To his great joy he found his new people almost instantly, so – as it happens with most of the tiny dogs that find themselves at our shelter.


Faith brought Jesse a wonderful family, one that has come to Bulgaria from far and away – Iran. Safari Mogadam, his wife Samane and their little girl – Sofia. Sofia happens to love dogs and not surprisingly Jesse and her fell for each other the minute the two met. Major luck!


Siana A.K.A. “the white husky from Druzhba” came to us not as a snow queen, but as the queen of ticks. Her “treatment” was all about anti-parasite treatment, manual, chemical and divine. At first the lady would show us a shiny tooth or two, but the very next day she forgot all about her disappointment with people and instead turned into a quite humiliating behavior, for a husky that is, wagging her tail like a little chopper, jumping happily by all four, licking hands and etc.


Why and how this angel was dumped is now a detail of little importance, being that Siana went home with Nadezhda Paneva! The gorgeous lady now resides in her own Sofia apartment, but traveling extensively all over Bulgaria with her Nadezhda (means “hope” in Bulgarian) who is a geodesist!

15 June 2014 | Blog

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