We were happy to have welcomed Sandra and Miriam of Stibi’s Hundeparadies to Sofia. You don’t know them in person, but you surely know them by their deeds – their organization has helped hundreds of Bulgarian dogs find loving homes in Austria!


Sandra and Nadia at the Farm

Our friends came to visit the dogs at the Farm, help out and bring a donation for our Spay/Neuter program in smaller villages. Many thanks to them and their donors for supporting neutering – although prevention is the best possible solution to the stray animal problems – few people choose to donate for is, as the impact cannot be seen directly. Unfortunately, there are still obstacles with the registration of the mobile clinic – we are in awe that the government is not interested in making it work as soon as possible, but then – we are in Bulgaria after all, hold on to your nerves.

Sandra and Miriam made sure to meet all our doggies, make photos and do their best to find loving homes to as many as possible in their country – Austria. Although it seems like something ordinary to the people here – it is much easier said than done, plus – our dogs “compete” with the poor animals of Romania, where they are being slaughtered by the thousands and the dogs of long-since-existed organizations in Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Once again – many thanks to the team, donors and volunteers at Stibi’s Hundeparadies for their lasting support and excellent care for our animals!

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Miriam and volunteers at the Austrian Farm

02 June 2014 | News

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