Daena is a lovely little girl under 3 months old. Born in someone’s yard and dumped in the trash, until recently she was looked after by a caring person in an empty house yard. The idea was that the dog would get 3 vaccines and then we could take he into the shelter without risking infection having skipped quarantine.


We thought we would look for kind people, we thought we’d send her to PETS&U, but… instead she is now on this picture, with a broken leg and many difficulties in the future ahead of her.

What happened? Waiting for her human angel to come, Daena grew inpatient. She found a little hole in the fence, punctually chewed it and finally – managed to escape, falling under the tires of a car passing through the street. The result – a broken leg and a broken future.

Now Deana awaits for her exam with d-r Zlatinov along with 11 other dogs tomorrow. Thanks to Deyana Petrova andTom Chesser, who donated in Darma’s campaign, there is already some money that we can use to put her broken hip together…

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Perhaps her luck wasn’t all that bad? Please, keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope everything goes smooth for her!

26 May 2014 | Blog

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