Another week rolled by, this time our friends at Cherni Vrah 25A had a Major Event – the first “christening” of puppies taking part in our Adoption Weekend! It is time to also make a count of the food you have donated for the shelter dogs by shopping at PETS&U:

1 ton of food for the hungry throats at the Farm

1000 kilos of food were received by the shelter dogs from PETS&U! As you know, the shop donates 5% of every package of dog or cat food sold for the feeding of the animals in our care. bruce manja Bruce and 199 heroes who have their bellies thanks to you send you their warmest regards and sincere gratitude!!!

They went home with new names

The very popular musicians from D2 have become the first Godfathers of the Adoption weekend pups at PETS&U! Two of the babies got the names of legendary guitar players – Richie Blackmore and Slash. Mitko Karnev’s favorite got a lovely name – Ruzha. And the fourth baby got the name Didko – like the frontman of the band – because he is “the best-looking and silliest of the bunch”. D2_krustnici Two of the lucky babies went home with their new families: Boryana Kapkin adopted darling Ruzhka: rujka1 rujka2 Nora Slavkova is Didko’s new “mom”: didko didko2 We wish them tons of happiness in their long, sunny lives together!

They will be expecting you this weekend

This Saturday PETS&U will be giving a chance to the lovely sisters Nora and Mira! The two girls are almost 3 months old, they are vaccinated and perfectly behaved as expected – after all, they are ½ German Shepherds. Meet Nora: 10371744_10203768971655706_1988302371879824829_n 10374010_10203768971815710_6723649675428297699_n Nora And here is Mira: 10303441_10203768971335698_1685282885886453632_n 10320585_10203768971175694_7128281580120992941_n 10366119_10203768971735708_6094673349744419086_n Nora and Mira are remarkably clever and very good-looking, nevermind these photos, you should see them in the flesh. Keep your fingers crossed – they would love to go home to their loving families this weekend!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m. 1172351_555650011174431_176912459_o The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility! Find them on FACEBOOK ruja

16 May 2014 | Blog, Pets&U News

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