From d-r Zlatinov, the wizard who puts together the poor souls most badly broken as if nothing has ever happened to them, to you – the people who erase the effects of evil as if nothing bad has ever happened, a special surgical “look from the inside”.

The more complicated of the surgeries in this case is the one (well, two, on both legs) Rizhka is having. As we have informed you, she suffered from a torn knee-ligament on one leg and a an iversion of the bones on the other. Here you can see what the doctor was able to do for her:




You also get the warmest possible regards from kind Algia. She too has visited the CVC surgery thanks to your generous help. The good girl will take a long time to recover, but it seems that when the hard stuff has passed she will be able to totally forget the pain and bad luck.

IMG_1961 IMG_2091

Both girls will take time to recover and will take more cutting, but – in the hands of d-r Zlatinov, they can relax and be at peace. A long pain-free life is ahead of both!

10 May 2014 | Blog

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