Happiness for Bamby

27 April 2014 | Blog

Tamara Stoilova adopted our tiny black pearl – Bamby! We wish them loads of happiness together. Tamara is sister to the lady who adopted Chopper and already has one dog from the street. We believe that Bamby will be very, very well cared for in this family.


Our little lady’s destiny is quite unusual, a miracle of its sort. You know that the Farm doesn’t take on new animals at this point and we can only offer help in specific circumstances – in this case, when a foster family wants to help a dog. But no one had wanted Bambie, here is how it happened:

Our fosters agreed to take one little black girl – Lizzie – a long-haired twin of Bamby with the same sad destiny – a pet dumped in the street. The arrangements were for the dog to be brought to the shelter so that the fosters can pick it up from there. The description was “a small black female, not 2 years old”.

In the morning of the meeting – people come with a small black girl, a little over a year old. The colleagues on duty take over the dog with no worry and about an hour later… the REAL little black lady arrives!!! It so happened that little Bamby was lucky to fit Lizzie’s profile and arrive little before her. So, both ladies were placed in a pleasantly surprised foster family.


Bamby turned out to be an angel in a wooly coat. Her fosters were astounded that she wasn’t adopted through PETS&U, but we now know why that was – she was waiting for Tamara to decide on a second dog. What a lucky little lady – she will never be alone. Have a great life, Bambina!

27 April 2014 | Blog

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