ONLY 9 APOSTLES LEFT – 20.05.2014

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Well, you are incredible!!! The whole sum needed for everything our 12 apostles need has been RAISED! We will keep you informed about their case, keep your fingers crossed.

Since you and our friends from abroad send us more than what the puppies need, most unexpectedly a friend of ours – Peter Pan, who is in great debt – has also received help. Recently the boy lived through a very difficult, but necessary surgery – corrective ostheothomy of the femur. Or simply said – his leg had become crooked, he was in great pain and needed help. D-r Zlatinov at the CVC operated on him, it was successfull, but we hadn’t paid – it was done on credit.

28-1-01.2011 peter pan

Thanks to you, Peter Pan’s debt will be almost fully covered on Monday! We will try to send you some info about him these days to come – he has a lot to thank you for!

“To poke your eye out instead of painting your eyebrows” – we are often meeting proof of this otherwise quite mean Bulgarian saying. This time it’s victims are 12 tiny babies from several litters, brought to us in a broken-up crate – some found, some taken from mama, some dropped from the sky… All of them supposed to have been “rescued” by the woman who picked them up and has brought them to the shelter with the weird concept that all will be fine once they reach our construction grounds.


Let’s make it clear why this is a catastrophe, not an adorable sight as many might think. First and foremost, because the Farm is not yet equipped to take in young dogs and the puppies that get dumped at the shelter live in hard and unsafe conditions. Second, and far more important, because putting pups from different litters together, and especially if they are badly cared for / homeless is the stupidest thing you could do, costing lives, perhaps all of theirs.

So, we have 12 new puppies between 1 and 3 months in the shelter from today. 3 of them have parvovirosis (they are perhaps siblings). Since these puppies have all been crammed together with the healthy ones, we expect the rest to begin showing symptoms in a few days. In a different situation we would look for a stationary treatment, but with so many animals needing treatment, it would be an impossible sum to pay. D-r Ilieva will have to fight herself.


So that she can do it, the babies need your help, friends.
What they need:

3 of the babies have positive tests for parvovirosis and immediately need:
Duphalyte, Degan, Quamatel, No-Spa, Ringer infusions, glucosis and abokates

The 9 who have negative results, but thanks to their “savior” were in close contact with the infected pups for now need:
Convalescence support, Recuperation, Vitamins A+B complex

Unfortunately, we can fully expect them to be infected as well, they are too weak to fight  it off. The most expensive of the meds is the Recuperation (E37 per 3 vials), but it is also the one giving them a chance to skip the disease. We hope that with your help we will be able to provide it, but if not – it is last on the list, we will only buy it if there is enough for everything else.

The total amount needed is not small: 300 Euro. Divided between the pups it makes 25 Euro per each baby.


We cannot promise you that there will still be 12 apostoles after the treatment. D-r Ilieva has great experience with parvovirosis, but with so many different puppies in a bad condition the prognosis is not optimistic.

What we can do is promise the babies to do all in our power to help them survive and that is just what we’re going to do. We hope we can to it together, so that the little ones get the best chance of survival.

> If you are able to donate a little sum for the 12 babies – CLICK HERE – you can transfer by Bank, use PayPal or ePay.

> Since it is a large sum and it will probably take a while to raise it – you can also leave a donation at the shelter during the weekend if you are coming for walks with the big dogs.

> You can also send a 1 leva donation to the shelter via SMS (for Bulgaria only) by sending DMS DOG to 17 777

On behalf of the 12 babies to the people that will help them survive:
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and… thank you!!!

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