Spring depression

24 April 2014 | Blog

A person must really have a reason to be able to hate Spring. How could you not love this time when everything comes back to life around you? The plants wake up, blossom and become green, the sky is blue and light again, the animals… having felt the touch of the sun, they too begin to quickly multiply.

The Dirty days are here again. But not in a religious, in an earthly sense, quite realistically. The days of suffering and pain for the little ones comes with the sun – kittens and pups will be swamping us from all sides in the following 2 months – helpless and sad.

Currently there are 4 dog shelters in Sofia – 2 municipal and 2 private if we don’t count the Farm which is not yet registered and is not a shelter yet. Neither one of them admits puppies, except Seslavtsi which has an ever-full mother&litter cage. And for the cats – there is nothing except the tireless efforts of a few groups of people working to neuter as many as they can, save as much as possible.


Shere Khan

In the last 4 years every Spring Bogrov has taken care of between 140 and 220 puppies each season – spring and fall. Now we do not have a quarantine space and can only manage to help those who are fostered. The same goes for the kittens. If you’d like to help us out with this task – please, contact us.

Meanwhile, let us introduce you to Shere Chan and Bagira. Well not them exactly, but two brave little brats who could very well have been a tiger and a panther. They are two cat children that were saved in the last moment from a water drainage put in their path as an end to a short life.

Most people think the worst thing that happens to abandoned babies is hunger. And it is definitely no nanny. But most of the babies taken away from their mothers and dumped someplace go before the hunger can get them. It is the cold that binds them in his icy cuddle, bringing the final sleep upon them. Please, have in mind – if you find kittens or puppies (from day 01 to day 31) the first and most important thing to do is to warm them up.




So did d-r Ilieva with the poor babies. Although Khan was lively, Bagira couldn’t even get a reading from the thermometer, her temperature was below 32C. But kittens really are something! Rubbery, dying, dehydrated, starved and practically frozen, with a warm infusion in her paw and two hot bottles under her belly, little Bagira managed to keep a hold on that slippery little rope her life was hanging from. After a few critical hours and with the price of a pillow-cushion butt from injections, Bagira ate two big spoons of the best canned food and fell asleep in the healthiest way possible.

After a few more days of recovery the heroes from the drain-pipe will be ready to replace the shelter rugged environment and go into homes – foster or permanent. They may not look very well now, but with a week of love – they will shine! Besides, they are total sweethearts – they are surely the offspring of someone’s pet cat, the poor things – they love people so much.

24 April 2014 | Blog

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