With gratitude to our colleagues in Germany who have provided life and happiness to the sad souls from the streets of Sofia we introduce you to 19 more lucky souls who have left their motherland to be re-homed in nice German families:


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Asya and Aya had quite the wait at the shelter, a strange fact since they are some of the friendliest, lovable, smiling dogs we’ve ever had. Asya came from Seslavtsi as a pup, Aya is from Seslavtsi too, but the village – we picked her up when we were feeding at the municipal shelter – she was begging for food at a local café, thin as a stick. All this was going on back in 2010 – all this time the ladies spent unnoticed in their cages, until finally their turn for love came up.


Curley spent his first months in a foster family – he was taken in by Venelin – one of the awesome photographers whose outlook on the dogs helps them find homes. After he was appropriately vaccinated and came to us, poor Curley couldn’t enchant anyone’s heart and had to wait for a long, long time. Must have been his destiny to become German, good luck, dear boy!


His roommate both in the shelter and in Germany is Diva – a dog the municipal catchers brought to us with infected lungs and very, very skinny. You cannot imagine what a kissing, hugging, lovable dog she is. One of those that would crawl into your laps and curl up for a hug if they could. Maybe it’s her serious face that was stopping her adoption, we don’t know. Now, she is finally in a loving, caring home.

662 DSC_2376

Blackwell and Dido are brothers we admitted back in 2010. The two boys unfortunately suffered the worst matrix – black puppies in an overcrowded shelter. Noone wanted them for 3 years – not calm quiet Dido, not Blackwell the enthusiast. Finally, they found love and care in a new homeland – Germany.


Alala came to us as a baby, we transferred her from the Seslavtzi municipal pound in 2010. She is one of those dogs that always stay patiently in a corner, never pushing or pulling to get your attention, just looking out with hope. Her name means “lost” in africaans and we may have jinxed her with it, because this wonderful dog shouldn’t have been imprisoned all these years. Whatever it was – it’s now past. Alala is going to live happily ever after in Germany!


Becky, she was born in April 2011 and came to us young, along with some very old buddies of hers. The group was brought to us by some ladies who had been caring for them in an abandoned warehouse and had to get them off the property quickly. Velvet to the touch, sweet, gentle, calm and delicate, Becky has finally found her loving family!

IMG_4575 female7

Sisters Diana and Delilah – the last babies to have remained with us from Mommy Asha from St.Troitza neighborhood. Three years in a cage for these poor ladies, what a sentence. We are very glad we managed to send them off together, because they have always been a couple and love each other dearly. We rarely manage to keep families together, most disperse in the different directions of the world, but not these girls.


Fenia came with her brothers and sisters, they were very, very, very frightened pups – someone had tried to poison them. Instead – the mother was killed. The group remained somewhat shy, but they all know how to relax with the right attitude – they are in fact a sweet family. Fenia is now in her new home, we only have one brother left, hope he gets lucky soon, the poor boy.


Kellis was also prepared for shelter life in a foster home, she came in June 2012 along with her sisters. Chara was one of them – she was rehomed in a nice Bulgarian family, and the last is Arya – a small-sized, kind, sweet dog that is still waiting to be noticed.


Kremena – she was pulled out of an open canal shaft a few months ago, she didn’t wait all that long. Although this girl was still a bit shy and tender, her polar-bear face made it possible for her to be chosen in Germany. Her new people are pleased to say that she is already relaxing and think there should be no sign of the frightened pup in a few months.


Paloma, she arrived at the shelter in 2011. A wonderful girl who we admitted along with a brother – Wade. Poor Wade is still at the shelter, he is a splitting image of Paloma – kind, clever and… unwanted. We hope to soon be able to offer him a solution as well, maybe Paloma will send him luck!


Opel Corsa, or now – Tazzy! She is one of three sisters who got Opel names, of course, none have kept them. One girl was adopted here in Bulgaria – Cherry, the other is Tazzy who is happy in Germany and now we only have Astra – the poor sister who got to be brown – to rehome. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

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Mory – she and her bother Max (he was adopted in Bulgaria some time before we moved) came from a foster home. The lady had looked after them a few months and hadn’t been able to find homes for them. At first they were very weary and stressed-out, but they quickly became a bunch of enthusiastic, jolly babies. It’s no surprise they all went home so quickly, lucky souls!

DSC_5337 (Small)

Leony came to us as a baby, we transferred her from the municipal pound in 2011. She became yet another unwanted black dog, however small or friendly she was, somehow Leony remained outside the adopters radars. We are glad that this little angel is finally in her safe haven. Pfew!


We are doing all we can to re-home the dogs who have waited the longest – we owe it to them before we start admitting new animals, plus – we need the space if we want to be admitting new animals.

Please: if you have friends looking for a guard dog – point them in our direction. The people don’t yet know the location of our new place, but we do have a few unfriendly teddies, who would love to bark up the thieves in their owners’ yards.

And finally, we wish the 19 new Germans plenty of happiness and Wohlleben!

23 April 2014 | The Farm Newsflash

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