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After finishing the cell walls and digging up the floor, the workers at the Farm have begun to place the drains and floor-heating tubes.

The heating plan has a simple concept – since the building is too large, high and with many openings, it would be a useless waste of energy to try warm up the air. Having already tried gas, infra-red lamps and regular heaters at the old shelter, we have decided on a safer and more energy-efficient solution.

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The large dog building is divided in two halls. Both of them will have a floor heating system circulating through every cage, creating a warm area for the inhabitants to sleep on in comfort and speeding up the drying process after cleaning in the winter. Combined with an adequate artificial flooring that keeps infection out and heat in, we should be able to provide sufficient, yet thrifty heating for the dogs. The estimated running costs of this concept are reasonable and hopefully, we will finally be providing all our animals with a nice warm bed for the coldest months.


We thank ANGRO construction materials for giving us the canals and floor heating pipes at a great discount! It is with the help of kind people like them that we manage to advance the works in such a great speed.

16 April 2014 | News

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