A few sunny smiles on a dark day from two boys who owe you their health!

Finally – freedom for Max! The sweet guy whose first knee surgery was in the summer of 2013 went through a lot of hardship before he could finally use his leg without pain. A month ago he was let free for the first time – and what a joy that was – a fly-about to compensate the long months of immobility.

DSC05017 DSC05018

The boy is now in great shape, of course, he will need some months to completely regain his stamina, but he is absolutely cheerful, smiling and happy – running, playing, having fun as if nothing ever happened to him.

Churchill can also tell you some good news. His unbelievably complicated surgery needed a correction, but the outside fixture has already been removed and now with his daily physiotherapy sessions the pretty boy has begun to step on his poor hind leg a little.

DSC05025 DSC05030

Just like Max, Churchill is in a great mood, very happy with the Spring being here and his belly being full. For now both boys are living separated and tied-up (with a few walks every day), but in a month or two they will have a more normal daily life. From them – to all of you – their saviors – a wet kiss on the nose!

09 April 2014 | Blog

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