1000 Bulgarian leva were raised for the dogs through the wonderful art exhibition of Denis Buchel photos at ZoomBox!
We cordially thank Emanuil Trayman and Rozalina Petrova from the ZoomBox center – the exhibition was all their idea and realization – a flawless event. The raised amount has already been transferred to us and it was used to buy medications and vaccines for the doggies at the Farm.


Denis Buchel is a young photographer with an extraordinary talent – you see yourself what a warm and unusual outlook he has on the world. It was our pleasure to see his lovely photos once again, we thank him for the help and enthusiasm, wishing him great success in the future!

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“I was walking down the street and saw a dog. I stopped to take his photo. Then the next one appeared, and the next, and the next… I arranged them all together and that’s how the Dog’s Life cycle was created. I remember and recognize each of my “models” here in Sofia. My life has taught me to distinguish one person from another. There are good and bad, sad and cheerful, noble and greedy dogs. Just like people. Lately, I have preferred to take photos of dogs, instead of people. They don’t lie. And they don’t belong to anyone else, they are their own. They are free and that makes them different.”

Denis Buchel


There are still smaller prints of the photos available (the size of a postcard), pricing form 5 to 10 leva – you are welcome to drop by ZoomBox and chose your own. The photos are really very touching and real, each time you look at them, you find something new.


05 April 2014 | News

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