Greetings from Phoebe

06 April 2014 | Blog

How it began:
Phoebe’s cry for help
Phoebe tests positively for parvo
Phoebe sends regards

Let’s now see who will recognize the sad little mouse you saved in January in this healthy, confident lady? We bet you wouldn’t have guessed if we hadn’t said it was her:


Baby Phoebe came to us in a difficult moment. But it was more difficult for her than it was for us. Ill with parvovirosis, demodecosis and with a torn-off front paw the bambina seemed to have no chance. But instead of taking off to the stars, she is with us – because you gave her a life to enjoy with all her might!

DSC04935 fib2

We thank Vanya (Kara) for the love she is giving Phoebe every day in her foster home. Skin-illnesses take time, but her leg is completely healed. When Phoebe is all healthy, the little angel has a safe space in Holland with Betty Koers who is already waiting for her!

06 April 2014 | Blog

Facebook comments:

  1. cara-vania

    Dear Betty,
    I’m happy for you! Little Phoebe is very clever, loveble, likes to play and hug.
    Near 20 pounds love!
    And so pritty! Lovely eyes, soft and shining fur and smile!
    She will conquer your heart in a minute!

  2. Rossi

    Thank you Betty!

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