The cool team of Megaconsult Group Bulgaria don’t need to be urged and the dog building is starting to resemble a dog building. The kennel walls are being put up – each will have a little space inside and a little yard outside. The kennels are intended for no more than 2-3 adult dogs or a litter of babies, individual cells are also planned for the dogs who need to be alone.

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It was surprisingly difficult for the constructor to figure out where the doggy-doors should be for the yard exits. The wholes are being made – most are under the windows.

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With a mobile clinic at hand and many injured animals who need our assistance every day – we will try to find a temporary solution, at least for traumatology. A room in the building that will house our clinic when the funds are found, will host a number of injured animals whilst the reconstructions are going on.

IMGP8308 IMGP8311

It is a small space, for a few foldable crates with patients in them, but this way we will be able to help injured animals who need permanent care and cannot be fostered for treatment. To avoid disappointments, please note that we will not be admitting infectiously ill or skin-diseased animals.

27 March 2014 | News

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