We have a mobile clinic!

22 March 2014 | News

Dear friends,
we are very happy to announce that Animal Rescue Sofia now has a mobile clinic!

It is large, it is fully equipped, it is on the move, it is just what we needed!


As you know – it will take time and means to create our high-profile Franziska clinic. To have a well-equipped high profile dog hospital in the shelter will also take a lot of money – we are searching for it.

Meanwhile, in the three months that we haven’t been neutering (01-03.2014) it tuned out there are many, many people who count on us for the neutering of owned and homeless dogs – we even have a waiting list for “when you start operating again”.

Well, we will be “operating again” very soon! For now the mobile clinic will be parked in the yard of the Farm, so that our Neuter vets can begin working again, although in little rough conditions. And when  the Franziska is ready – the mobile clinic is going on tour to places where people don’t even know what the word “Neuter” means.

Our new mobile clinic used to live in Berlin, where it treated animals for many years. It is a Renault. It moves slowly, because the equipment is very heavy, but it came to Bulgaria on its own. The clinic is in excellent condition – very well preserved and spacious.

It is also completely autonomous! The water is held by two reservoirs – clean and dirty. There are solar panels on the roof which allow full independence, even if there is no electricity nearby.

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Welcome, darling Tierambulanz, we wish you to be strong for many years and help thousands and thousands of animals!

22 March 2014 | News

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