After we met and talked to a whole load of reconstruction companies. After we saw all sorts of pumped-up prices and vague promises. After we tore our nerves with people who for some reason think there is “plenty of cash in the dog-business”, it turned out that we had the right people at hand all the time.

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We are glad to inform you that Mega Consult Group Bulgaria will take on the most important part of the reconstructions. They are people whose professionalism is known to us, we just didn’t know they also deal with our kind of needs.  We are very glad that things turned out this way – precious money will be saved, their offer is almost twice cheaper than the next in line, but they are also great friends of the animals and do good work.

Before they begin to put up the cages, a careful marking must be put out where things will be – the floor heating pipes, the corridors, walls and etc. First we will raise the walls (transparent after 1,50m) with the concrete blocks we have purchased, then we will make the floor with the angle needed for proper washing (each canal must be separately tied, so that infections don’t pass from one cage to another), finally we will place the canals and the special floor covering (no more cold concrete!). Meanwhile we have the first “portion” of metal bars and doors ready made by our fab ironman (it is much more difficult to put holes all over a building than you would think), and for the windows we are still waiting for a better offer, but they are the last to be put in anyway.

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That’s it, folks! We are on the move! First we will do one side of the building, then the other (it is separated in 2 blocks), so we can get as many dogs in as possible as soon as we can.

Again, we thank all the companies that have minimized their prices for us; we thank Kirov for giving us the special instruments we need free of charge; we thank our awesome volunteer ironman Stanimir – who has been making doors and cages after work for quite some time now; to all of you who help any which way you can.

In the days ahead we will try to tell you more about the centers we visited in the UK (Dogs Trust) earlier this year when we were planning our shelter. Well, of course, this is not Britain, but we promise you that together, we will have made the best Bulgarian shelter!



21 March 2014 | News

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