Animal Rescue Sofia is not an heir to long-standing traditions in animal welfare – the organization exists from 2009, it is a local, Bulgarian organization. We are not trained in the magic of NGO work – neither with the media, nor with the institutions – we all come from different backgrounds – all of us used to do something completely different before we started helping the homeless. We have no budget or big sponsors – we fight to make it every month and can go forward only thanks to your trust. More or less – our only resource is our own motivation and strength, turned into a job well done.

What that does give us? On one hand – we are flexible enough to work in our ever-changing environment. On the other – we have to constantly “invent” ways to survive, looking for different ways to reach people, feeling our way forward in the dark.

You probably know that ARSOfia doesn’t spend anything on advertisement, PR, popularity or anything other than the wellbeing of the dogs. All our brochures, materials, all our presence online – this website, Facebook, the calendars, our appearances in the media – are a result of a voluntary effort of people who care, who want our message to go across. As well as we are doing online through – the fastest, mass way to the heads of people is surely – television.


With a huge joy, why – with an euphoric happiness, we announce a real break-through! Two little souls, tow tiny boys that don’t even have a name yet, will be making a huge step forward for all of their homeless brethren! From this week and all the way till the end of the season, our two lads will be a permanent presence in one of the most-watched programs on Bulgarian TV – Lords of the broadcast!

The two little mice are fostered by the show – it means they are looking for adopters from the TV screen. But actually, something much more important to them is to encourage people to look for a pet not in a shop – but in a shelter. They are doing this with the help of the smiling hosts, who will tell our compatriots to adopt in every single one of their daily shows. The message is that there exist angels like these innocent babies who are locked up an waiting to be adopted – innocent souls, doomed to be lonely and unwanted only because they don’t have a breed. The effect of their appearance was immediate and the response – huge. For only 2 days on Facebook there were over 600 suggestions to name them on the show’s page, and another 150 on ours.

You can see the show uploaded every day AT THIS LINK.


A huge, HUGE “THANK YOU” to the show’s team for this opportunity to show the world how sweet, how smart, how kind and clever our animals are!

Thanks to their commitment, an Idea will creep into the homes of people through the TV sets, a Kind Feeling and a Compassion that we know – are contagious as hell. And before you know it – the people in front of the screen will feel a need to stroke a Dog, to feel his Faithful Heart in their lives, to know the Joy of having a friend whose life they saved.

Deo volente!

P.S.  This Saturday and Sunday at our Adoption weekend at PETS&U store you can meet the three brothers of the TV-stars – our tiny 3 musketeers who dream of nothing, but loving hands, a home and a hug! See them below, and click on the image if you want to know how to adopt any of them:


14 March 2014 | News

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