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09 March 2014 | News

It is insanely difficult to reconstruct both cheaply and with a reasonable quality – reconstruction details are dripping out of our ears, or at least it is how we feel it. The preparation agony before the work can finally begin in its whole is finally coming to an end, may the dog gods bring a good mood and less problems to our municipality – Kremikovtzi. Meanwhile our pals remain in their outside enclosures.

DSC09543 DSC09544 DSC09554

Have you ever heard of sand that is not sand? Well, go ahead and buy the cheapest sand wholesale and you will know about it. This week we were replacing the sand outside. Oddly enough – once wet, the old yellow sand we had bought became mud. O, joy, o perfect holiday for the keepers and volunteers who leave the shelter decorated – many muddy medals on the front and at least 2-4 on the back of their clothes…


Whilst waiting for permits and the final versions of the renovation plans, the boys decided to demonstrate their abilities and finish up one heavy task that doesn’t require special skills – taking down the attic in the clinic.

DSC09524 DSC09526

The buildings, as you know, are old, we already tore down and made anew the ceilings in the huge building (it is only “the large” building for those who have not worked in it), but we never expected that the little clinic ceilings would make that much of a mess. But – as already proven scientifically – our boys are golden, and so are their hands.


After a long battle with the mud and straw, our little clinic is now non-inhabited and quite windy!

Everything we had placed in the so-called “den” is now well arranged in the warehouse:

DSC09536 DSC09537

And for the humans – with the help of FENSTERNORM windows and frames who gave us a window – we isolated a part of the warehouse which we now proudly call “the office”.

DSC09528 DSC09538

This is our life currently, don’t ask “when”- we have gone wild asking that question ourselves. But – as it now seems – things will continue along the old Bulgarian saying: “take what you have calculated you need as time and money for the renovation. Now multiply the time by 3 and the costs by 2 and you will have a minimal estimate”…

Our oldest inhabitants – Rick, Dyakona, The-Walking-Dead and Lambi say we should be patient and send you their best regards:

DSC09531 DSC09532

09 March 2014 | News

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