The magic martenitzi

03 March 2014 | News

3130 bulgarian leva were raised by you, dear friends, for the homeless dogs and cats of our city, by shopping at PETS&U for this year’s martenitzi! This really is a phenomenal amount – going many times over what we expected.


And since we know how many we have brought to the shop and how much they are supposed to cost – we thank you triple for this phenomenal result. Do you know what it means to us to find a piece of paper with a donation wrapped in it that says “for Suncho and Co.”? It means everything, friends, it means that things are as they should be (on the photo you see Suncho, of course, thankful):

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This is a but mysterious, but as we hate to push our luck, we can only say officially:

the funds you have raised, along with the last money from the calendars and a part of the loan another awesome person gave us, will travel to Germany next week.

From there, they will come back to us in a totally different shape – one that is to benefit thousands of animals, not only in Sofia, but in the country as well. A helping, problem-solving form, the form we like best…

Please, stay tuned for some awesome news on our side, news that are possible only thanks to you generosity, compassion, intelligence, kindness and love for the animals!!!


May your road be always paved with possibilities, may you be white and red, happy and smiling! These martenitzi really are magic and the person wearing them gets an invisible luck-cloak!

03 March 2014 | News

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