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02 March 2014 | Blog


This Saturday’s match Volunteers VS The Garbage has been decisively won by the volunteers with a 5:1 final result. Armed only with nylon bags and enthusiasm, the people who replied to our cry for a spring cleaning made a huge step towards the Farm becoming a place of our own, sending to hell (or in this case – to recycling) a huge part of the trash that is scattered all around.

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Inside our own yard there really is a whole load of piled up junk people just cannot handle – no matter how cool they are. We planned to leave it for the end – to have a bulldozer pick it up all together, but it turns out we were wrong to live alongside this mess all the time – after a few heavy, stubborn hours the yard got a whole new look which makes it easier and safer to walk our bare-footed friends.

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But the worst part was (and still is, although much better now) definitely the meadows between our fence and the big road we are at, especially where the run-down houses are – they have been used extensively by nomad Roma families. There are tens of bags to be filled with plastic bottles and wrappers that must have rained on this spot – there are so many. The Saturday working crew did miracles there and the difference is huge, but there is still work to be done.

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The weather should be dog-walker-friendly from now on, so hopefully – we will be able to carry on at least another day of cleaning about the shelter grounds. If you decide to pitch in – just ask for some gloves and bags when you are coming, meanwhile we will use our free moments to pick up whatever we can as well.

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We thank Kremi and all the lovely volunteers who spent their Saturday in such an unusual voluntary work!!! The visitors on Sunday were amazed and kept asking if we had repainted the fence. We were almost ashamed to tell them that the only difference is that there is far less trash around – thanks to you!

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02 March 2014 | Blog

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