Huge thanks to the manufacturers of aluminum and PVC window frames FENSTERNORM and personally to the wonderful Lina and Martin! They donated a wonderful new window which makes working in our all dark warehouse possible. The window was especially made for us, it is not a left-over and we are very grateful for it!

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Whilst we reconstruct the other buildings we – the humans of the Farm – will be using a small part of the warehouse for our medical and administrative documentation. This was not possible in the darkness and we are not the kind of folk who like to use donations for human comforts.

Today a little bird also brought internet to the Farm, it’s been a couple of weeks since we took in an all-favorite chemical toilet, so things are becoming more normal working and volunteering at the Farm. We hope from now on everything will be easier and faster – all this construction business is a horror for us, we cannot wait to get back to our own dog work!

03 March 2014 | Blog

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