You know that the Farm doesn’t take on new cases until it becomes a real shelter and receives all the conditions and permits necessary to allow us to take on a large flow of sick animals again. With 200 dogs on the spot – all of them admitted whilst we were in the Bogrov shelter and to whom we owe homes before all else – we do not take on new animals and fight to find good places abroad, which – unfortunately – is a slow, difficult and expensive task.

When it comes to small dogs though, things are different. We only have a few smaller doggies at the shelter and the ones who are ready to go home already have people interested in them. Meanwhile people have been contacting us looking for smaller dogs which we no longer have. So, since they are not taking the place of anyone else already admitted there are a few new tiny heroes that quickly run through the legs of their larger buddies to appear up front in our waiting line, hoping to get that happiness they have dreamed of for so long – love and shelter in the homes of good families.

Today we introduce you to Sachi and Stinky – two doggies who were once pets, but probably wish they weren’t .  Both were found in horrible condition, both come from fosters, both were brought to the limit of their existence by the human animal. Today the little heroes are on the right track – they become happier and more beautiful with every day passed and they only need to find their people for the happiness would be complete. Meet the heroes who will be waiting for their adopters this weekend (08-09.03) at PETS&U:

Stinky the pug

We introduce you to Stinky – the Gypsy pug. We can only guess how this noble boy has reached the ghetto. We know him thanks to Elza from – the organization that helps pitbulls in need in Bulgaria. She took on the little boy after he was abandoned in a municipal shelter with an immunity brake-down and a horrible case of demodecosis – a skin illness.


It is clear what would have happened to the little cheerful Stinky if he weren’t picked up immediately from his outside enclosure at the pound. It is also clear that after a whole month in a Sofia veterinary clinic Stinkey is no longer the same stinky dwarf with horrible skin and a ruined immunity – with every day passed he is looking better and better and beginning to look more like the sunny, kind creature hiding in his tortured body.

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Stinkey will need a few more months to recover completely, but spending them in a cage would slow his recovery. He is now finishing up his last antibiotic treatment and would not benefit anything more than to be adopted and continue healing in a clean, quiet, cozy home where food and love would work miracles every doctor wishes for.

Yes, Stinky hasn’t become his best self yet, he does need to swallow some more pills and he even smells (although certainly not as much as when he earned his name) a little.

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But Stinky is also non-contagious – there are many demodex ticks on your skin at any moment, but it is the broken-down immunity that makes you sick with demodecosis – you or your animals would need to have at least been starved like this little hero to get it. He is also incredibly sweet, kind and charming, plus – he is a pug, so we can only hope he spreads his charm from the few rather ugly photos we have of him and find his people.


Stinky is only 1 year old, he is neutered, dewormed, wonderful and soon – completely healthy! He will be waiting for love to find him at PETS&U this weekend!

Sachi the dachshund

As we say it here in Bulgaria – “the dachshund is a great person!” And  Sachi must be one of the greatest dachshunds ever. She is one of the smartest, most intelligent dogs that have ever passed through our hands. But let’s start at the beginning – when Sachi was a little skeleton, dumped in the street with a badly fallen-out vagina, on her way to becoming a silent wet spot on the pavement:

01 P1030465

This is how she looked and felt, the poor thing, when she met compassion for the first time in her life. Dumped for at least a while – she was as thin as a little stick, unwanted and disgusting to people, but still – lucky to have been found by a similarly kind Violeta D. and from there – be fostered with us. Now Sachi is a shiny, well-fed dog with a bright look that is much more suited to her lively character and generous heart.

Friends, there will be no exaggeration if we say that Sachi is an amazing creature. She is smart, she is loyal, she is nosy, she is playful, she is fun, she loves everyone, she is full of life and enthusiasm, she brings joy wherever she walks and is ready to do anything, really anything to make her people happy and get a hug.

P1030473 DSC09520

Besides that Sachi is also neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, good in a car, clean at home, living with dogs, cats and kids, walking on lead fine and even running free like a good girl when she is walked. She is small, young, beautiful, remarkably smart and witty, all in all – Sachi is a dog that happiness tags along with.


Our little sausage made with love – Sachi will be expecting her adopters at PETS&U this Saturday!


This amazing pet shop has been doing wanders ever since it opened. They host our Adoption weekends and also have a 5% donation campaign for any brand or package of pet food, going for the animals at the Farm. Please, if you are able to do so – chose to buy your pet’s food at PETS&U. This way you will also be feeding our animals when you are feeding yours!

Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK

04 March 2014 | Blog, Pets&U News

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