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02 March 2014 | News

Yet another year in a row and again – using the “Bulgarian national traditions” as an excuse for their barbarism, the people from the Stranja region village of Brodilovo tried to hang, twist and throw their dogs in the water to “protect” their farm animals from Foot and mouth disease and other contagious illnesses throughout the year.


This year their “festivities” were supposed to take place on March 01, but was met by the presence of police, media, activists and representatives of the local veterinary authorities.

“The police have been terrorizing the villagers for a whole week” states Ilia Iliev, mayor of Brodilovo for TOP NOVINI BURGAS. “The villagers were forced to sign declarations that they will not take part in the ritual, they were threatened and police violence took place” he claims. Mayor Iliev also told the media he is a firm supporter of the ritual as it is passed on through the generations.

“These traditions are bound to the survival of our folk. If it weren’t for these traditions, we – the Bulgarians – would never have survived” he adds.  “We will not surrender. We will continue our traditions and if we must – we will do it illegally.” mayor Iliev comments for bTV.


It is a little known fact that this is not an old tradition at all and it should not even involve all the dogs in the village as Brodilovo people have it through the last decades.

Despite the big efforts on the side of the authorities and the friends of animals – the local barbarians were firmly set on carrying out the “tradition” and the police had to forcefully confiscate the ropes they had prepared to hang the dogs. We thank the officers who have proven that – is there is a political will – the Police can be very effective and convincing when it comes to animal cruelty.

Now these “patriots” and “keepers of our national identity” are wild with anger, claiming the police is terrorizing them and they will not give up their ways, that the dogs belong to them and they can do whatever they want to them, threatening to perform the barbarism when there are no outsiders present.


Astonishing… do we really live in one country with these… people?

See the report of Nova Television who have filmed the “rehearsal” of the barbarism. The police claim this video is not enough evidence and no consequence will come for the people who did it.

02 March 2014 | News

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  1. Boyka Petrova

    Идиоти откачени бродиловци садисти!!! Така ли учите децата си на милосърдие и доброта?!!!!! Родители ИДИОТИ създават деца ИДИОТИ! И тоя кмет най-големия ИДИОТ…….. АКЪЛ ИМАШ ЛИ БЕ?!!! Що за идиотски традиции са това?! И това правителство скапано…знаете само да крадете вашлиовци смотани! ЗАКОНИ ТРЯБВАТ! И НАКАЗАНИЕ СУРОВО!

  2. Мечо

    Абе, що не вземете да се стегнете? Чак сте смешни, като почнете да роните крокодилски сълзи за пълни глупости. Някое куче умряло ли е от тези “варварщини”? Аре моля ви се…

  3. Mitko

    Може би това е по-добро! ?!!!!

    Похвално е, че се застъпваме за кучетата.
    Останалите животни иначе ги забравяме, хората пък да не говорим. Еми колкото и добро можем да направим, добре ще да е.

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