Dear friends of the homeless animals,
the amazing pioneers,  hosts of our Adoption weekends, the people who give us the fantastic opportunity to meet you in the city – PETS&U pet store have decided to put through a solid fund-raising campaign for the dogs and cats at the Farm!


Donate whilst shopping!

From 01.03.2014 the store is giving you the opportunity to donate 5% of the cost of ANY pet food you purchased for the animals under the care of Animal Rescue Sofia!
Or, to put it simply – when you shop for food for your best buddy at PETS&U you are also feeding our dogs.

The campaign is valid for any and all types of food at the store – both for dogs and for cats. The only thing you need to do to make a donation is buy the food you need from their store. The people at the desk will ask if you want to donate 5% of it and the dogs at the Farm will really hope you answer “Yes! For Animal Rescue Sofia.”

At the end of each month the cool people from the store will donate everything you have raised so that we can buy the tons of food we need to fill the bellies of our shelter folk.

Why is this necessary?

Now that we have our own space under the sun – our Farm – there are many tasks ahead of us. The first and most important being to provide a steady flow of food to the hundreds of hungry throats we care for.


You know that in the Bogrov shelter 1/3 of the food was provided by the Municipality, about 1/3 was donated through the kindness of friends in Bulgaria and abroad and another third we bought at cheap prices.

PETS&U is a huge store that sells all foods at one place. If many of us get together and decide to shop the food for our pets at the store – we could really create a working mechanism, providing food for our heroes without even having to reach in our pockets again!

We would greatly appreciate it if you join this initiative. It is new in Bulgaria, but has been tested and proven successful by many organizations like our abroad. This is a huge gesture from the people at PETS&U – for the homeless animals. You know how very hard it is to find brands and companies willing, and proud of the fact they are associated with “mutts”.

This is our chance to prove that it matters how things are done, that there is a point for a business to be socially-responsible, that there are many of us – the people who want to change our reality, the people who want to live in a European Bulgaria.

On behalf of the 200 heroes at the Farm: thank you for your support, friends!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

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28 February 2014 | News, Pets&U News

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