A clean Saturday

27 February 2014 | Blog

This weekend after 11 there will be a rubbish-collection effort led by Kremi the volunteer (meanwhile our own Kremi will be at Pets&U with the pups).


We need to clear out the trash from the meadows just out front the shelter and there are some metal and glass pieces to be picked up from the walking grounds too.

The trash will be collected separately – nylon bags for all the plastic packages (so we can dump them for recycling later); construction bags will be used to separately store any glass and metal; all the rocks, bricks and organics will be for now piled up in a corner.

The coordination of the process will be taken on by the hard working volunteer Kremena – look for her when you are there.

The trash will have to be stored for now, as the amounts we need to get rid of would cost a fortune – we are looking for a way not to spend this money. Please, if you come to the shelter by car – pick up a few bags to drop off at any recycling bin, so we can clear out some space.

We thank each and every one who will join! There will be bags and gloves at the shelter, now all we need are the brave folk who will make our part of the city a little more civilized.


Click here for the Farm coordinates.

To get a lift from someone who is going, join this group.

You are welcome!

27 February 2014 | Blog

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